Universal Process Control Trainer

Universal Process Control Trainer

Product Details:


Product Description

Specifications :


Universal Process Control Trainer (Code 330)

Type of control


Control unit

Hybrid controller, Al 8, AO 4, DI 16, DO 16, Control loops 8 with


RS232, RS485, Ethernet

Software packages

i) DCS: Hybrid Control Designer ii)SCADA: Wondware In touch 64 Tags

Temperature sensor

RTD, PTIOO, Range 0-100 deg.c, 2Nos

Temperature transmitter

PTIOO, Type 2 wire, Range 0-100 deg.c, Output 4-20mA, 2Nos

Flow transmitter

DPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0-200 mm H20, Output 4-20 mA, sq. root

Level transmitter

DPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0-500 mm H20, Output 4-20 mA, Linear

Level transmitter

GPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0-600 mm H20, Output 4-20 mA

Pressure transmitter

GPT, Type 2 wire, Range 0-2.5 bar, Output 4-20 mA

Position transmitter

Type Electronic, 2 wire, O/p 4-20mA

l/p converter

Input 4-20mA, Output 3-15 psig (2Nos)

Heating control

Proportional power controller (SR), Input 4-20 mA


Type Electrical 2 coil, Capacity 3 KW



Process tank

Capacity 7.51iter, 0-100% scale, SS304

Interacting tank

Capacity 7.51iter, O-500mm scale, SS304 (2Nos)

Supply tank

Capacity 271iter, SS304

Float switch

Type Magnetic (2 nos.)

Solenoid valves

Type 2/2way normally closed, 1/4"BSP, water(2Nos)

Control valve

Type: Pneumatic, Size:1/2", Input: 3-15psig, Linear & Equal % (2Nos)

Power supply

Supply 230VAC, output 24V DC (2Nos)


Input single phase 200VAC, 1.1A, output AC3 phase


Fractional horse power, type centrifugal

Diaphram pump

Positive displacement Diaphram pump, Cap 200Lph

Air filter regulator

Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2

Pressure gauge

Range 0-2.5 kg/cm2(3Nos), Range 0-7 kg/cm2

Flow measurement devices

Orifice meter (3Nos), Venturi meter


1 10 kg/cmA2 with 45 lit inbuilt tank receiver

Overall dimensions

1150mmL x 800mmW x 1900mmh

Utilities Required :

  • Electric supply
    • Provide 230 VAC +/- IOV (16A), 1 ph, electric supply with proper ear-thing.
    • 5A, 3pin socket with switch (3No.)
    • 16A, 3pin socket with switch IINO.)
  • Water supply
    • Continuous, clean and soft water supply @IOO LPH with suitable drain arrangement.
  • Computer
    • IBM compatible, standard configuration with USB port for Hardware lock.
    • Monitor: Screen resolution 1280x1024.
  • Space
    • L4000 mm x W3000 mm x 1-12000 mm
  • Support table
    • Size: 800Wx800Dx750H in mm for computer
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