Universal Engine Test Bench

Universal Engine Test Bench

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Eddy current  Dynamometer

It shall have the  following Specs

  • Maximum rated Power -100 KW 
  • Rated Speed (rpm): 2400
  • Max Speed 6000
  • Voltage (V): 100 V DC
  • Current (A): 8 Amp
  • Max. torque 400NM @ 1500 to 2400 RPM
  • Max. rated power RPM 2400 to 6000 RPM
  • Protection thermostat & pressure switch
  • Cooling forced water cooled 
  • The power absorption unit of the Dynamometer shall consist of  a well balanced star wheel rotor mounted on procession bearings. The reaction torque shall be sensed by high precision strain gauge  S type load cell weighing mechanism with digital output. The load cell shall be connected through ultra precision load amplifier. The load/ torque  indicator shall have a resolution of 1 Nm at LCD / TFT display of controller
  • The Dynamometer shall be provided with a water filter with magnetic separator and shall also have a pressure switch for ensuring proper flow of water in the Dynamometer.

        The main shaft of the Dynamometer shall be provided with arrangement for fitting flange coupling at both ends.

        The Dynamometer shall be suitable for absorbing and measuring power in both directions of rotation (Bi-Directional) 

        At the non-driving end of  the Dynamometer a 60 tooth gearwheel and Magnetic pickup shall be mounted which senses  the pulses , which are conditioned by RPM indicator to display the RPM with a resolution of 1 RPM.

        Dyno  shall be capable  of  carrying  out  endurance  test  at  Dyno  maximum  capacity  continuously  without  affecting  the  performance  &  accuracy  of  measurements

        Dyno  shall  not  vibrate   when  it  is  run  at  its  maximum  capacity  of both  speed  &  load.

Controlling Accuracy Full Throttle Performance

        Torque Controlling: Better Than 0. 5 % of Full Range

        Speed Control: : Better Than  10 RPM of Full range

Controlling Accuracy Part Throttle Performance

        Torque Controlling: Better Than 1 % of Full Range

         Speed Control: : Better Than 15 RPM of Full range

        The Dynamometer shall be provided with calibration weights and cable loom of 10 meters for connecting Dyno to the panel..



Closed loop operation in the following modes specially dedicated for Engine Testing


        To operate dynamometer very close to constant Torque mode , suitable for testing Governed engines and Motors where speed control is not important.

        Loading/Unloading of Dynamometer by Input from Touch screen or From PC.

        Highly Precise Control of excitation current shall be obtained through PID loop. Annunciation & Excitation cut-off, for high-temperature & low water pressure conditions shall also be provided


        Shall work on  0-10 V conditioned retransmission output form Load Indicator. The PID Card shall constantly tracks the actual torque input with value set by the potentiometer and adjusts the Dyno. Current to maintain the desired torque


Shall work on  0-10 V conditioned retransmission output form RPM Indicator. The PID Card shall constantly tracks the actual Speed input with value set by the potentiometer and adjusts the Dyno. Current to maintain the desired Speed within control limits

Controller Should have  PLC Interface and 7 Touch Screen HMI for Torque Indication, RPM Indication, and indication of parameters of  Integrated Modular Data Acquisition System.

It Should have  features of precision display of Torque in N-m with High Precision of better than 0.25 % of Full Scale Torque.

RPM Display accuracy of better than 0.05 % of actual reading 1 RPM

Special engine rpm indicator shall be provided  in the TFT screen with 5 V TTL inputs from conditioning unit

Safety Trip features shall include

        Low Cooling Water Pressure,

        High Water outlet Temperature,

        Engine Overload Setting,

        Engine Starting Pilot Relay

        Engine Shutdown Pilot Relay


Cardan Shaft 

Type A Propeller Shaft Assembly Suitable for up to 400 N-m Torque



Cardan Shaft Guard

Suitable for covering the Rotating Parts of Cardan Shaft and Half Coupling.Fabricated from MS Plate & Steel Sections.



Magnetic Strainer

Strainer with 500 Micron Filtration and 1 BSP Threaded Connection to be fitted at Water Inlet  to Dynamometer.



Universal Engine Mounting Test Bed Type T-3

Overall size 1015 mm x 1015 mm.

Shall consists of

        A T- slotted C.I. bed of sturdy construction,

        4 Nos. of Screw columns,

        4 Nos. of C.I. Hand-wheels for height adjustment &

        2 Nos. of T-slotted steel rails etc. with Spanner.

The adjustments possible in the bed shall be 

        X axis (Rail Length) is 900 mm.

        Y axis adjustment from is 100 mm to 600 mm w.r.t center

        Z axis (Height) adjustment from 425 mm to 650 mm w.r.t. bottom of bed.




 Gravimetric Fuel Consumption measuring equipment shall consist  of

1. A Suitable Capacity Container, mounted on a Machined and Leveled Frame mounted on a High Accuracy load cell.

2. A Specially designed High Speed & high accuracy load cell signal conditioning board directly providing digital readings for weight to the controller. The programmed controller shall operate the solenoid valves to control the measurement processes.

 3. The Controller shall have the facility of Digital Calibration by means of Touch Screen HMI of Controller

4. All the Functions during Measurement, Fill-up or in case of any failure shall be  taken care of by the Controller 

5. Overall Accuracy shall be  0.5 % of Range



Sensors and Transmitters

It shall consists of

        PT-100 Sensors Class A with Calibration /Test Certificate 2 Nos.

        K-type Thermocouple Class A with Calibration /Test Certificate 6 Nos

        1 No Lubricating Oil Pressure Transmitter (WIKA make) with Cooling Tower and necessary tubing 1 No

        Barometric Pressure Transmitter (WIKA make) with range up to 1020 mbar abs 1 No

        Relative Humidity and Ambient Temperature Transmitter (Testo make or Equivalent) 1 No.



Integrated Modular Data Acquisition System 14 Channel

Shall be  14 Channel Modular System for acquiring

  • K-type Thermocouple Input 6 Nos
  • PT-100 Input 2 Nos
  • Lubricant Oil Pressure Channel (4-20 mA) 1 No
  • Barometric Pressure Channel (4-20 mA) 1 No
  • Relative Humidity Channel (4-20 mA) 1 No
  • Ambient Temperature Channel (4-20 mA) 1 No
  • Spare 4-20mA Channel 2 Nos.

Should be able to connect to various thermocouples (B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, TXK), platinum RTD (PT100, JPT100), analog current (0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA) and linear voltage (0 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V) Sampling time of thermocouple/platinum RTD: 0.4 second/time; sampling time of analog input: 0.15 second/time

The system shall be integrated for alarms with Controller so as  the controller can independently handle these Channel Status



PC & Automation Hardware

HP / DELL/Lenovo make commercial PC with following  Hardware

  • CPU 1 No. with On Board Serial Port
  • 19 Widescreen monitor 2 Nos.
  • APC make offline UPS 1500 VA 1 No
  • Graphics Card for 2nd Monitor
  • Galvanically Isolated 2 / 4 Serial Port for Interfacing to Various other Devices using RS232
  • NI USB 6210 Card for Combustion Analysis for Single Channel
  • Installed with Windows 10 Professional OS and Office installed on the system Graphics Card



PC Base Automation Software

It shall  Consists of  -

1)      Lab VIEW based User Friendly Software working in Win 10 environment for Data Logging and Report generation with following facilities

        Facility for Creating Test ,

        Channel Configuration Facility with 4 Level Alarm annunciation for  Parameters being monitored

        Data Logging with Supervisory Control

        Loading and Unloading Facility thro PC Software Panel, manually

        Audio Visual Alarms for Any measurement parameter exceeding the warning and alarming limits

        Report Generation Facility with Printing, Saving and Export to Excel Options

        Software Add-on for Interfacing for Emission, Blow-by meter, Coolant Conditioning System, Exhaust Back Pressure Valve Controller System etc.



Control Cabinet Duly Wired

with mounting arrangement for Controller HMI,  Place for fitment of CPU inside Cabinet Fans for Cooling the Cabinet with Filters  Provision for Mounting various Units of Controller such as Excitation Controller Unit for Dynamometer, Servo Drive of throttle control unit etc.



    Flywheel adaptor flange

Flywheel adaptor flange with engines   to be provided.



Throttle Actuator

 Shall be  simple and compact throttle actuator using latest Low-backlash, Ultra Precision Planetary Helical Gear Box in line with Servo Motor which results in superb response and control characteristics with near zero maintenance. It is designed for acting in close control with Controller. Its base plate incorporates pre-drilled holes for easy fixing. A maximum travel of 100 mm to ensures compatibility with all motorcycle / moped engine types. Connection between the throttle actuator and the engine shall be by cable or mechanical linkage.

Capacity :

        Max. load : 100 N

        Travel Range: 100 mm


Engine Cranker Rectifier


        415V, 3 Phase, 50Hzs input

        600 Amps, 12 V output at 40% duty cycle. & 250 Amps at 100% duty cycle.

        With copper windings


        Three phase indicators.

        MCB 25Amps

        Contactor 25Amps, 3phase

        Thermal cut off




        Input voltage selector switch

        Enclosure Box

        Fan for forced cooling.


Common Base Frame

Heavy Duty Fabricated and Machined Common Base Frame with Machined Pads for Mounting Various Equipments like Dynamometer, Universal Engine Mounting Bed, Throttle Actuator, Magnetic Strainer etc

The Frame is Provided with 8 Nos Anti Vibration Mounts for Mounting and levelling on Ground and 4 Isolators for Dynamometer Isolation



Rotary Encoder  Heavy Duty with Mounting Accessories for Direct Mounting on the Engine Crankshaft Pulley  0.1 deg. (3600PPR)




Shall be consisting of

        Software package for Data Acquisition and Analysis with the following 

        Consists of a National Instruments PCIe 6351 card, Shielded Connector Block and a Shielded connection cable

        Up to 8 Configurable Differential Voltage input channels 10 V

        Input connector for encoder

        Sample rate Max 1 MS/s Aggregate, 16-bit resolution

        Includes on-line fast Combustion "Scope", configured as pressure vs. crank angle, pressure-volume diagram

        Other available online calculations for cycle based parameters such as , Engine RPM, Pressure Derivative signal, Instantaneous & Integrated Heat release calculations

        Logging of up to 2 Channels w. r. t. Crank Angle such as Two Cylinder Pressure Channels, if sensors and signal conditioners are available up to 6000 RPM

        Online Statistics for the various quantities like Pmax, location of Pmax w. r. t. TDC etc

        Shall Include basic statistics, off-line display, data storing, data export to ASCII (also Excel), Colour printing etc.

        120 Cycles Data Export and Offline Indication.



Cooling Tower and Accessories

        Cooling Tower Suitable for Carrying away Heat from Coolant Conditioning Raw Water

        Centrifugal Pump for Dynamometer and Raw Water feeding to CCU

        Starter and Cable for Pump

        Stater for Cooling tower Fan Motor


Blow by meter

        Measurement range  3-150   l/min

        Accuracy  Standard: 1.5 %   Fine linearized             : 1 %

        Air pressure 1000 mbar

        Air temperature 25 C

        Air density 1.1648 kg/m

        Materials Orifice measuring pipes and dampers  stainless steel X 5 CrNi 18 9 (1.4301) or similar

        Hoses PU sheath

        Maximal permissible blow-by gas temperature: 80 C

        Serial interface

        Baud rate 9600 or 1200 baud

        Data bits       8

        Stop bit         1

        Parity            none

        Analog Output

        Voltage range         -10 . 10 V

        Max. current             10 mA


Coolant conditioning unit

        Working capacity 10 to 60 kw ( up to 100KW)

         Set point range 30 to 110 deg.C

         Controlling accuracy +/- 1 deg.C

        Temperature resolution +/-0.1 deg.C

         Construction material Ss 304L

         Coolant flow rate 180 lpm

         System outlet connection 1.5 inch with flange

         System inlet connection 1inch with flange

         Inbuilt Raw water magnetic filter 1 inch connection

         Auto coolant fill-up facility 0.5 inch auto fill-up valve 24vdc

         Working pressure 1.5 bar

         Standard safeties Inbuilt

         Communication port RS232

         Raw water flow control valve with by pass arrangement 2-10vdc. 5S with fast acting valve, size: 2inch

         Coolant pre-heat provision 5- 6kw

        Coolant flow sensing sensor  electromagnetic flow meter

         Coolant pressure safety valve 1.5 bar

         Auto air valve temp.@110 deg.C

         System coolant volume @30-45 liters

         Gravity coolant fill-up tank & recovery tank.@ 20-25 liters


Exhaust Back pressure valve

Exhaust Back pressure valve of suitable capacity for testing engines up to 60 kW to be provided.


A) Tech. Specification.

        Size of controller 2 U.

        Valve positioner digital indicator ( 0 to 100 %)

        Fine tuning positioned variable Pot.

        Remote/manual selection s/w.

        Remote connection for external demand.( 2-10 vdc).

        MS 4 pin valve connection.

        Reset s/w if power fail ( normally open condition)

        Control accuracy: +/- 1 mbar.

        Output: 2-10 vdc Analog type.

        Power supply: 230vac/1A.

B) Interfacing cable

        4 core cable with wire conduit for valve- 15 mtrs

        3 core power supply cable for controller ,3 mtrs

        PC remote connecting cable 0-10 vdc, length 3 meters


        Body MATERIAL : SS 304

        Disc : SS 304

        Seat : SS Metal to SS Metal

        Shaft : Stainless Steel

        Ends conn. : flange connection

        Working Temperature : Max.650-C

        Leakage Class : Class l (1%)

        Valve size : 2 inch,

        Air flow rate : up to 1000-1200 kg/Hr.

        Operation : Motorized/ Manual

        Rotation degree : 90 degree

        Actuator : Belimo (Switzerland)

        Supply : 24vdc,2-10 vdc,5W







Performance Parameter


Speed, Power, Fuel consumption, blow bye Torque, breaking power, BSFC (Break specific Fuel Consumption), BTE (Break thermal efficiency), Specific energy consumption Online measurements and performance analysis, Pq-PV plots, performance plots and tabulated results, Data logging, editing, printing and export, IP, IMEP, FP indication, Combustion analysis heat balance sheet etc

Necessary training and tools for alignment and operation of different type of engines on test bed needs to be provided.

Price of all the accessories needed for reliable and safe operation of the engine test bed with fuel meter, universal engine mountings needs to be Included.



The system shall be provided with exhaust Gas Calorimeter, a water flow measurement system and 6 temperature censors & scanner


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