Steam Turbine Test Rig

Steam Turbine Test Rig

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Product Description

Steam Turbine Test Rig with Boiler

Experimental steam turbine test rig with boiler (3KW, 1KW, 0.5KW capacity units)

The test rig consists of a single stage impulse turbine suitable equipment for performing experiments to measure the steam turbine efficiency, steam quality, flow rate and condenser effectiveness.


Flowmeter, separating and throttling calorimeter, condenser assembly including a condenser water pump, suitable piping and control valve - to connect the turbine with the flowmeter and calorimeter to the boiler, necessary thermocouples and temperature indicator and pressure gauges to measure steam conditions, a digital tachometer to monitor the turbine speed

Loading Device:
The steam turbine is directly coupled to an alternator for loading.
Optional loading: Eddy current dynamometer
Operating Conditions:
Power produced by the Altech EST test rig depends upon the inlet steam conditions and exhaust conditions.
  • Larger capacity turbine produces 3KW power output for 600 kg/hour 10 bar saturated conditions.
  • Smaller capacity turbine produces 1KW power output for 300Kg/hour and 0.5KW for 200kg/hour 10 bar saturated conditions.