Solar Heating Hot Water Boiler Experimental Equip

Solar Heating Hot Water Boiler Experimental Equip

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Product Description

Some of the Features of our Solar Heating Hot Water Boiler Experimental Equipment are:-

1. Composition: Water tank  Pump Boiler (Solar heating),  Distributor , Heat exchanger. 

2. Understanding of principle boiler, operating condition, plumbing, and whole system.

3. Measuring temperature of inlet and outlet of each load device, and then calculating amount of heat exchanging and designing optimum.

4. Measuring performance efficiency.

5. It is possible to have test inside building using an artificial sunlight device.

6. Monitoring Program experiment contents
- Display whole system
- Display of Facility Capacity, Current output, Cumulate Power generating,
-Temperature, solar Radiation, and generating status
- Display of inverter information
- Display of Voltage, Current, Serial, Cumulating per PANEL
- Monitoring data changing in real time
- Display of inverter status checking and measurement.
- Monitoring of a Solar generating equipment, a Solar heat hot water boiler equipment, a Geothermal heat pump equipment, a Wind power generating equipment, a Hydrogen fuel Cell equipment, a Hybrid of Solar and Wind power equipment, a Tracker system, or a Power converting equipment system.