Multi variable control trainer

Multi variable control trainer

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Product Description

Multi variable control trainer(327A)


Multivariable level control trainer is designed for teaching the basic level control principles and advanced study in complex systems for control engineering. It is a combination of two double tank systems, usually also known as Quadruple Tank system.
The setup consists of supply water tank with two variable speed positive displacement pumps for water circulation, four transparent process tanks fitted with level transmitters, rotameters and flow dampers. The process signals from level transmitters are controlled in SCADA mode through serial based dual loop controller. These units along with necessary piping are fitted on standalone support structure.

The set up is connected to computer through USB port for monitoring and control by using PID logics.

Product is supplied with 32 tag demo version of SCADA software package.

Specifications :


Multi variable level control trainer

Product code


Type of control


Control unit

ADAM-4022T Serial based dual loop PID controller; Analog input 4, Analog output 2, Digital input 2, Digital output 2. with RS485 communication.


USB port using RS485-USB converter

Level transmitter

Type Electronic, two wire, Range 0-250 mm, Output 4-20mA (4 Nos)

Diaphram pump

Positive displacement diaphram pump with adjustable stroke (2Nos)


Programmable, input 1 Ph. 200VAC, 1.1A, output 3 ph AC, 0-230V, 0.3kVA

Process tank

Transparent, Acrylic, with 0-100% graduated scale (4 Nos)

Supply tank


Overall dimensions

600Wx1000Dx1800H mm


SCADA software package

Utilities Required :

Electric supply

230 +/- 10 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 phase in mm

Support table

Size: 800Wx800Dx750H


IBM compatible with standard Configuration

Water supply

Distilled water @16 liters