Fuel Cell Professional

Fuel Cell Professional

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The Dr FuelCell Professional is designed for class demonstrations of experiments and hands-on use by students. The system represents a complete energy cycle based on solar-hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

Solar and fuel cell technology can be examined in detail and portrayed within the context of the overall concept. Large components and easy-to-read displays are ideal for group presentations and demonstrations. Preconfigured experiments and the curriculum-oriented documentation facilitate class preparation. The system can also be operated by students. 

Areas of Application:- 
Suitable for teaching numerous subjects of physics, chemistry and technology: 
  • Molecules and chemical reactions 
  • Reaction speeds 
  • Thermodynamics 
  • Electrochemistry 
  • Energy conversion and efficiency 
  • Measuring and interpreting characteristic curves 

The system is also suitable for basic practical experiments in the natural sciences and technological subjects. 

Sample Experiments:- 
  • Current and voltage characteristic curves of solar panel and fuel cell 
  • Faraday's first law 
  • Electrolysis 
  • Faraday and energy efficiency of an electrolyzer and of a fuel cell 
  • Thermodynamics: electrochemical processes 
  • Series and parallel connection of fuel cells 
  • Water = 2 parts hydrogen + 1 part oxygen
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