Fuel Cell Model Car

Fuel Cell Model Car

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Product Description

The Dr FuelCell Model Car integrates the subject of renewable energies into the classroom in an uncomplicated manner. Preconfigured experiments make learning science curricula fun. 

The Model Car can be operated with energy from the reversible fuel cell or the solar panel. The fuel cell allows to generate and store hydrogen easier than using the Hofmann apparatus. All components can be flexibly combined with each other. The robust model car is suitable for group and individual instruction. A curriculum- oriented instruction manual as well as a teacher's guide with experiment materials that can be copied and printed allow for a fast and easy preparation for class. 

Areas of Application:- 
Suitable for teaching content from the curricula of physics and chemistry for the lower secondary level: 
  • Water: element or compound 
  • Chemical reactions / Energy conversion 
  • Paths of current - circuit systems 
  • Experimenting, logging, analyzing 
  • Planning and implementation of project-related tasks 
Sample Experiments 
  • Proper alignment of solar panels 
  • Understanding electrolysis 
  • Hydrogen energy in motion: work, output, friction 
  • Efficiency 
  • What is a hybrid?