Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem

Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem

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Closed Circuit Test Rig: Apparatus for verification of Bernoulli’s theorem

a) Apparatus consists of supply and receiving chambers of 100mm dia and 600 mm long with gauge glass scale fitting for the measurement of total potential head.  The two chambers are provided with control valves and are connected with an inter linking duct made of thick transparent prespex sheet of smooth variable converging-diverging cross section.  The transparent duct has suitable pressure tappings, which are connected to glass piezometer tubes.  These tubes are mounted on a suitable stand with graduated scales to read directly the potential head.  The complete unit is supported on a strong iron stand.  A stopwatch and an M.S. collecting tank of size 30 liters. Fitted with a gauge glass scale fitting, a drain valve and a bend is provided to measure the actual flow rate.
b)  A 220 volt AC, 0.5 HP, single phase monoblock ISI pumpset with suitable pipe fittings, strainer foot valve, and switch is provided to supply water to the test rig.
c)  A sump tank of size 200 liters with suitable drain is provided to store the water.  A strong iron stand fitted with wheels supports the complete test rig.  The unit is moveable.
All tanks are provided with FRP lining for total rust protection