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An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, offering a wide range of products such as Enapter Italy make Modular AEM Electrolysers and others.

About Us

EduTekEquipments (I) Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 certified company is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, importer, distributor, and supplier of Indian & Imported engineering equipment. Our focus areas are Green Energy & Research and Vocational Training equipment. We are turnkey solution providers hydrogen based green energy systems. We also offer the most comprehensive and varied range of research training and technical education equipment for various engineering branches of engineering institutes. Our product range includes Indian as well as imported state-of-the-art both computerized and non-computerized equipment manufactured by world leaders. 

We are system integrators & suppliers of Enapter Italy make Modular AEM Electrolysers in India. The Enapter Modular Electrolysers can be deployed singly or in quantity as per requirement for any amount of on-site hydrogen production. We believe mass-produced modular plug & play type AEM Electrolysers can achieve lowest cost hydrogen. Our capacities covers electrolysers, renewable energy systems, and energy management systems. 

We are also sole distributors/dealers of Heliocentris Acadamia Germany, Apex Innovations & Fine testing machines for their complete range of Technical training & research equipment. Our services include clients’ needs analysis, customized proposals, production, shipping, installation, training and rigorous after sales service.
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